Our books reach over 60.000 bookshops

Our Group is spread in various countries around the world: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, United States, and Australia

Our best-selling authors

The catalogues of our Group, which consists of numerous publishing houses, feature best-selling writers as well as the most interesting emerging authors

Ken Follett

Bad faith

Publisher: Albatros
Country: Italy
Languages: IT
The most widely read author in the world, with over 170 million copies sold. One of the few writers to have more than one title in the top 100 books sold.

Amélie Nothomb

Shiny like a pot

Publisher: Europe Books
Country: UK
Languages: ENG
From one of the contemporary writers most loved by readers all around the world. Winner of the Alain Fournier Prize and of the Grand Prix du Roman de l’Académie Française.

Barack Obama


Publisher: Europe Books
Country: United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, France
Languages: ENG, IT, SP, RU, FR
A great literary work that comes from the free transcription of his public speeches and outline the thinking of one of the most influential personalities of our time

* Book out of print

Our Group’s Background

The Hidden Music, debut novel by Giovanni Maria Pala, successful worldwide!

Our emerging authors around the world

The Hidden Music has been published in several countries around the world and, in Japan, the translation rights have been acquired by East Press – the publishing house that publishes Dan Brown – for the record price of $65,000!

Also Mort Castle and Stephen King for the first graphic novel branded Europe

J.N. Williamson's

Les masques de l'horreur

By: Paul Dale Anderson, Mort Castle, Stephen King, Robert R. McCammon,
Wayne Allen Sallee, Robert E. Weinberg, F. Paul Wilson

Publisher: Europe Livres
Language: French
Country: France

Championing Poetry

In addition to fiction and non-fiction, we publish the greatest poets from all over the world

Octavio Paz

Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize for Literature, is considered one of the greatest poets of the second half of the twentieth century


Alda Merini

The most admired Italian poetess of our time, she was repeatedly
nominated for a Nobel prize.


Authors include five Pulitzer Prize winners

In the American Grain

The anthology of the most influential voices of contemporary American poetry.

Pope Francis - Ask your Questions

“I would like a Church that knows how to insert itself into the conversations of men, that knows how to dialogue”

Dialogue first of all, this is one of the great teachings that Pope Francis gives us through the pages of this book. By giving living life to a testimony, that is as humble as it is illuminating, of our time and of the anxieties of contemporary man.

Publisher: Europa Ediciones
Language: Spanish
Country: Spain

Our distributors worldwide

Our books reach over 60.000 bookshops worldwide, thanks to the agreements made with the best distributors


Vine House Distribution





U.S.A. and Australia


France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada

Hachette Livre France


Libri GmbH

Books and Cinema

Some of our books have been turned into famous films

The latest is Creators: The Past, the epic fantasy with Gerard Depardieu and Bruce Pain

Caos Film is the group’s department specialising in movies, radio, and TV productions

Monsieur Malaussène

By Daniel Pennac

Available on DVD and streaming

The misadventures of Benjamin Malaussène, the main character of one of the most loved literary sagas worldwide, after winning over millions of readers, finally becomes a play.

Title: Monsieur Malausséne
Author: Daniel Pennac
Publisher: Albatros
Language: IT
Subtitles: ENG, FRA, SPA, GER

Book fairs and events

We launch our latest books on TV and radio shows. We also attend the main
international book fairs and organise numerous literary events.

TV and Radio Shows

Over 1,000 episodes!

TV and radio broadcasts dedicated to our latest publications have been on air over the last 10 years in Italy. Over time, they have become a benchmark for book lovers and have gained growing success in Spain and England

National and International Book Fairs

Around the World With Our Books!

We attend the main international book fairs:
– Turin Book Fair, Italy
– Più libri più liberi, Rome, Italy
– Frankfurter Buchmesse, Germany
– The London Book Fair, UK
– BookExpo America, USA
– Madrid Book Fair, Spain

Literary events

Thousands of Autographed Copies!

Presentations, book signings, readings: we aim to play an active role in supporting the relationship between authors and their readers. For this reason, every year, we organise hundreds of literary meetings throughout Europe about our books

Press Office

1024 Articles in One Year!

The media publish more than one article per day about our books. Our annual reports show that, in 2020, over 1024 articles about our authors were published in the media throughout Europe

Our trademarks worldwide

World media that write about us

Amref and Our Group together for Kenya

A special thanks to all readers who purchased our books!

AMREF and our italian brand Gruppo Albatros partnered together to improve the health and social conditions of children and their communities, in schools of Malindi, Kilifi and Kaloleni in Kenya. We strive to ensure the development of their general health in preschool, as well as in elementary and secondary schools. In fact, part of the revenue from the book sales of our emerging authors was used to finance selected AMREF projects. Thanks to this partnership, we were able to build a school (picture on the right) and a water well in the Makueni district. Each year, our brands dedicate part of the proceeds from the sales of books to new charitable projects.

Europe Books

International publishing house


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